They love him down in Houston, Texas…yeah! yeah! yeah! (And that can't be bad!)

Jamaal Smith – The People’s Choice for Representative, House District 137

After nearly two decades in Harris County politics, I have learned how to tell the difference between a candidate who, by virtue of family connections or personal wealth, believes they deserve to be elected to office and a candidate who has genuine grass roots support from the people.

This is very clear in the Democratic primary runoff race between Gene Wu and Jamaal Smith for House District 137, which was previously held by legislative giant Scott Hochberg.

Truth be told, I had initially endorsed Gene, and went to one of his fundraisers.  I did this, primarily, because of his fiance, Miya Shay (take it or leave it).  I was initially impressed by his credentials, but, alas, I was blinded by the setting of his fundraiser.

Having had the chance to review their respective biographies, I, like the Houston Chronicle, now believe tht Jamaal Smith is the superior choice for the voters of HD 137.   Jamaal was a policy advisor and community liason for State Senator Rodney Ellis, helping to craft legislation.  As the Houston Chronicle righlty notes, “[t]his background gives him experience with the local issues that face Houston” as well as “the ability to navigate the often byzantine processes of the state legislature.”  Further, Jamaal can better represent the Latino voters of the district than Gene.  First, he has held senior positions in the Harris County Democratic Party, actively seeking the advice of Houston’s Latino leadership.  Additionally, Jamaal began his political career as the late Rep. Joe E. Moreno’s legislative director (Moreno represented the East End of Houston in HD 143, which is currently held by Ana Hernandez-Luna).

Again quoting the Houston Chronicle, “[w]ith the passion of a freshman representative, but the experience of a senior politico, he has an attitude that often seems lacking in the heated partisan fights of contemporary politics, and one that Democratic voters should want to send to Austin.”

Could not have said it better myself.  Jamaal needs your help and your vote to be the Democratic nominee for HD 137, and then be elected to the Texas House of Representatives this November.  Please remember early voting occurs today and tomorrow from 7AM until 7PM.   Election day is this coming Tuesday, July 31, 2012.


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