They love him down in Houston, Texas…yeah! yeah! yeah! (And that can't be bad!)

Cindy Vara-Leija Takes Contribution from Noted Homophobe Chuck Rosenthal

This piece of news is absolutely stunning.

In reviewing Cindy (VL) Abercia’s eight day campaign finance report, on page eight, I came upon the following contribution:

CHUCK ROSENTHAL, $1,000.00.  July 12, 2012.

Chuck Rosenthal was the former District Attorney of Harris County, Texas who resigned his position due to substance abuse, per Mr. Rosenthal’s resignation letter of February 15, 2008.

In March, 2003, Rosenthal HIMSELF argued before the United States Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas that our state sodomy laws were constitutional.  He lost that decision 6-3.

It is simply stunning that the Houston Area Stonewall Democrats could endorse a candidate for office who was willing to take funds from this bigot, homophobe, and disgraced former district attorney.  I call on HASD to renounce their endorsement of Ms. Vara-Leija immediately.  Otherwise, HASD frankly ought never be listened to in the Houston area LGBT community again regarding political endorsements.

It is also clear to me that Cindy has no regrets, remorse, or shame for her actions here.  In this campaign, she has been willing to go deep into the mud with baseless and groundless atttacks against ALAN ROSEN.  She is willing to take funds from homophobes.   She is willing to do anything in what appears to be a losing race for office.

She does not deserve your vote in the runoff race for Harris County Constable, Precinct One.


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