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You Know You’re in the Big Leagues when the Chron Doesn’t Quote You — and Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, you’ve still got some ‘splainin’ to do

Ah, you know you’re in the big leagues when the Houston Chronicle does not quote you, but refers to your blog —

“Online, Rosen supporters have questioned whether Vara-Leija knew of Abercia’s alleged crimes while at the precinct.”

To make it perfectly clear that they failed to make the attribution, here is what I posted regarding Cindy (VL) Abercia’s linkage to the past cronyism in the Office of Harris County Constable, Precinct One, requoting myself:

“On her original website, Cindy indicated that she had over thirty years experience in the Constable One office of Jack Abercia.  The voters of Harris County in general, and Precinct One in particular, recall that Mr. Abercia is the indicted former Constable of Precinct One.

“To the extent that Cindy has been at the center of the operation of the precinct, it is fair to question her ethics and her ability to clean up the shennanigans of the prior incumbent.  She can’t run away from her biography.  Not now.  Not never.”

It is hardly surprising that CVL did not directly respond to this posting.  She doesn’t have the guts.  Her lame response to this in the Chron was, “‘My responsibilities and my duties were to supervise and to make sure those under my command were taking care of the community’s needs,” Vara-Leija said. “Whatever was going on in the constable’s office, I was not privy to.'”

Bollocks again, Cindy.  Multi pinocchio time.  You were in the office for thirty plus years and were NEVER privy to anything that occurred.  This stretches incredulity and belief.  In the legal arena, this would simply be called — wait for it — setting yourself up for political perjury.

Cindy, this appears to be your modus operandi.  You cannot have it both ways.  You cannot say you were deeply involved in the affairs of the Precinct One constable’s office, and then, in the next breath, say you knew nothing.  Sound to me like you’ve been practicing good old fashioned Soviet-era politics.  Or you’ve been paying close attention to The Godfather.

Simply put, this statement reinforces the point: you are not qualified to hold this leadership position.  You do not deserve to be chosen by the voters of Precinct One.  There is a far superior alternative in this race, and that alternative is ALAN ROSEN.


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